Start A Photography Business – Photography Tips – Family Portraits

Family portrait photography is one of the most lucrative forms of photography. There are several reasons for this. One is that the more people you add to an image, the smaller the people get, so it’s easier to sell larger portraits for the wall this way. Family portrait sessions also lend themselves nicely to breakdowns. After you have the family portrait “in the can” you can move on to other poses that will increase your ability to sell additional poses. With all these poses being photographed in basically the same place, whether it be on a particular background in the studio, or in a lovely outdoor location, you now have several images that can be displayed beautifully together in a wall grouping.

Start Your Photography Business – Photography Business Tips – Your ideal Client

One of the first things you need to think about when designing the way your photography business is going to work is to create your customer avatar, or your description of your ideal client. As a photographer you are not going to be able to serve every type of client, and it’s critical that you narrow down your focus to those folks most appropriate to your type of photography business so that you can keep your marketing efforts streamlined. Start thinking about the type of people that you would like to serve. Do you want to work with emotional, passionate, creative type people who love art and will want to purchase large wall portraits, or do you want to attract more analytical, business type clients who will need to justify what they spend on photography? The type of client that you attract will have a significant impact on how you do your marketing. Emotional people will be attracted to very different types of marketing than will analytical types. And what you can charge for your work will vary greatly as well because of the differences in these people’s personalities. The brand you choose to portray and the position you choose in the market will also greatly impact who needs to be your ideal client.
If everything that I’m talking about is “old hat” to you, then you probably already have all of this figured out. Great job! It is going to help ensure your success. But, if you don’t, then you need to start really thinking about this.
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The Winner is…… Paula Brady! Yay!!!

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How to start a Photography Business – Business Tips – Get A Team

Running a photography business on your own is only possible for a short time. If you want to be able to grow and thrive in your photography business you need to start bringing on other people to help you… in other words… Get A Team. As soon as you have the money to do so, start replacing some of the tasks you currently do with someone else. You will be much happier having more time to focus on photography and growing your business than on the tiny little details that go into operating one.

Photography Business Tips – Photographing portraits in the middle of the day

You probably already know that taking portraits i the middle of the day is not the best idea. The overhead sunlight creates “raccoon eyes” on your subjects that is less than flattering. If you can possibly avoid photographing in the middle of the day I highly recommend you do so, but if you are unable to schedule a session for late afternoon or early morning, when the lighting is much more pleasing, then here are a few suggestions for obtaining better results.

1. Photograph your subjects in open shade.
2. Use a flash or other auxiliary lighting and balance it with the daylight.
3. Use a reflector to fill in the shadows.

As I said before… if you can possibly avoid photographing at mid-day… this is going to be your best option.

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